“Po boys. Now those will keep you sustained for days.” Daris, Simplexity Developer, states emphatically. Beautiful sandwiches that they are, they don’t put money in your wallet. So instead of eating po boys or chicken tikka masala every day, Daris followed his childhood penchant for programming and started working for Simplexity in April of 2013.

In their employ, he has honed his CSS, HTML, and PHP skills, having an established aptitude for Python. “Python is my wheelhouse,” Daris reveals.

When not developing, he likes to take his bow and, not unlike Robin Hood (not the Kevin Costner version), have some target practice. Unlike Robin Hood, who preferred making pincushions of noblemen, Daris sticks to less fleshy recipients of his hurtling darts.

Settling down after a long day of firing projectiles and serializing variables, nothing satisfies Daris quite as much as a little Stargate SG-1 and a can of Coca– wait!– Pepsi.