Fishers is better known for Connor Prairie, an interactive history museum. Fishers is a city (not a town, mind you) becoming more known for shopping and has been Melissa’s place of residence since birth. Her one complaint, she wished the Indiana weather resembled something more tropical, like Florida.

On a positive note pertaining to winter, Melissa loves proliferation of boots during the season. That may be enough to keep her in Fishers. So until she finds a new place to dwell, Fishers will remain home. Maybe the heat of the bright light city of Vegas is more to her liking, but she doesn’t need to go there to taste a life glamour. Melissa crosses paths with the like of Dierks Bentley, Kenan Thompson, and Brian McComas on semi-regular basis.

What gets Melissa shook up? She believes that behind any door, around any corner, over any horizon could lurk a blood-thirsty hound dog. She much prefers the company of her normal yet hyper dog, Lexie, with whom she loves taking walks with. Chicken-related foods make Melissa’s life complete, specifically McAlister’s Harvest Chicken Salad Sandwich and the Broad Ripple establishment Mama Carolla’s Chicken Piccata. She loves them so much, she almost never wants to let them go.

One for the money. Melissa has had an array of jobs including doing promotions for radio stations and coordinating events for a hotel. Her main focus at Simplexity is content.
Two for the show. New Girl, Modern Family, Life in Pieces, Big Bang Theory to name a few. Also for movies, who doesn’t love Elf?

If you happen to find Melissa out somewhere, she might be indulging her sweet tooth. If she’s not and she happened to receive a dessert from some kind-hearted person, she would definitely not return it to sender especially if that dessert were E.L. Fudge double-stuffed cookies. If you happen to find someone who looks like Melissa somewhere else, you might be of a suspicious mind. Never fear however for she has a twin brother.

Don’t be cruel world! Melissa wishes she could’ve seen Elvis perform. Alas, she was born in the wrong era.

“Nothing that’s worthwhile is ever easy. Remember that.”

– Nicholas Sparks, Message in a Bottle