Mike has always had an affinity for technology. “We had a computer in my house for almost as long as I can remember,” he recalls. It’s no wonder that Mike landed a job working with computers. More familiar with the HRs than DBs, Mike got his first taste of programming at a small Indianapolis web development company as an intern. This lasted several months before he set out on his own. It wasn’t long after that he heard about an opportunity to work for Simplexity. He was hired and that’s where we are today.

Mike has forayed into varied industries during his professional career including pool-building, tutoring, residential community maintenance, and gym supervision. You may find Mike at a local Yats eatery or struggling up and down the floor of a basketball court. If the ever-fluctuating Indiana weather is agreeable, Mike enjoys a spot of the gentlemen’s game of golf or escaping Indiana weather all together and finding solace in warmer climates. Mike has the unfortunate debility of believing that things will fall from wobbly vertical structures onto his head. This leads him to duck under scaffolding, avoid catwalks, and generally act strangely around such constructions.

"No man is poor who can do what he likes to do once in a while! And I like to dive around in my money like a porpoise! And burrow through it like a gopher! And toss it up and let it hit me on the head!"

– Scrooge McDuck